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Welcome to Applaud The Youth


After school and summer programs


Arts, Drama and Media

The Applaud The Youth Arts Program is designed to expose youth to the power and expression of art. The program will collaborate with local artists, performers and teaching institutions to encourage participants to explore their creativity and potential. Theater, multi-media, dance, lyrical prose (rap, rhyming), drama workshops, and performances, are just a few of the activities planned for our youth to work on their own short film with Hot CoCo Productions and possibly shown on the local TV network. Hot CoCo Productions is the film production part of Applaud The Youth. CoCo is an acronym for Children Operated, Children Organized.

Applaud The Youth will sponsor social events, field trips, guest speakers, drug and alcohol awareness workshops , HIV/AIDS awareness, and a host of other activities. 



Taking It to The Streets Community Outreach

Taking It to The Streets Community Outreach is a initiative that provides a comprehensive framework for participants to begin questioning how to make their community a better place to live with a focus on diversity and conflict resolution. Students will also participate in service learning projects with a focus on introducing them to their communities. 


 Write On!


This is designed for students to build confidence in their voice. Students will be encouraged to participate in the Who, What,Where journal published in Where Ya @ Magazine


   Homework assistance


Students will receive help completing their homework. practice math, spelling and reading.


Our primary focus is to build strong vibrant communities for youth

Applaud The Youth will provide time proven interventions that will enrich the lives of young people in a variety of ways, including social, recreational and intellectual skill development. Our mission is to promote leadership skills, academic support, recreational activities, and an opportunity for mentorship. We want to foster more youth participation and support their personal growth and development. We want to empower young people to reach their full potential in a safe and structured environment. We want to help prepared them to lead the world. 

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